Saturday, July 19, 2008

A story of Noah's Flood

Steven L. Peck has written a clever and thought provoking short story about Noah and the Flood.  It will make you smile, and think.

"Take the Worldwide Flood Literally . . . A short short story"

(Note: All place names have been translated from Adamic to Modern 21st Century English).

Noah stared at Japheth in horror. His voice shook a little, "What do you mean an Opossum escaped at our last stop?" Noah was angry. "YOU KNOW ALL THE MARSUPIALS ARE SUPPOSE TO GET DROPPED IN AUSTRAILIA!." It was another blunder in a long series of blunders. Sailing around the earth dropping off the animals in their appropriate habitat had been hard, and he only dimly understood why it had to be done, but a marsupial in North America was going to get him in trouble.

Read the Rest of the  Story Here

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