Sunday, July 13, 2008

CA Initiative: "Message from President Monson"

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008
From: [redacted]

President Monson has asked that we, as members of the church in California, do all we can to support the California Protection of Marriage initiative on the November ballot. He has asked our Stake President to recruit one couple from each ward to assist in this endeavor. [redacted] and [redacted] were recruited from the [redacted] Ward and their first assignment is to raise money.

It is critical that we raise as much money as possible in the month of July. We have been given permission to use the Ward list and to spread literature at church, but we cannot collect money on church property. However, we have been told that we can collect money at a church function that is not at the building.

Therefore, we will be collecting funds tonight at the [Enrichment night activity at another location] and are hoping for your support. Since [redacted] [cannot attend], [redacted] has volunteered to accept donations on their behalf. Any amount is appreciated and all donations will be kept confidential. We can accept checks or credit cards only – no cash contributions. Checks should be made payable to "" and more information can be obtained at the website.

We know that times are difficult financially right now, but may we suggest one way of finding extra money might be to give up fast food or dining out for a month and to donate the savings.

Thank you, in advance, for your support of this very important issue.

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