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Mosiah Hancock vision of the Preexistence

Mosiah Hancock Journal Addendum, LDS Historical Department; SLC

"When about twenty-one years of age, I was permitted by the power of God, to go into His presence and into my former abode. I saw the Eternal Father on His throne and His wives on His left side, all shining in glory, I saw the Savior and knew Him. It takes the power of the Holy Ghost to tell the difference between the Father and the Son, they look so much alike Jesus said: 'Mosiah, I have brought you here to show you how it was befor e you went to the earth.' I had been to the earth; everything looked so natural and familiar. I seemed to have been a companion of the Savior and talked with him like a friend. Again, He spoke to me and said: 'Look and see man as he came forth.' I looked in the direction indicated and saw an innumerable line of God's children extending further than I could see. They were arranged in pairs, male and female, and passed in front of the Eternal Father who named them; and they were clad in long white robes with girdles tied around the waists; each pair seemed to have been created mates.

"When thus clothed; they were arranged in classes of about two hundred; the males sitting in front and the females behind them. They were taught in the arts and sciences, and everything necessary to make the heart happy The teachers of the classes received the instruction they imparted from certain notable ones, who in turn got their directions from the Father and the Son- I thought I was one to overlook the classes; I also saw Joseph, Brigham and many others engaged in this work of education. I thought as some became more efficient than others they were advanced from class to class I thought my name was Mosiah, and the names of the other brethren there were the same as upon the earth. All at once there was a gathering of these spirits and the voice of the Great Eternal (for that is what we called God there) spoke: 'Oh, ye my children,' and His voice penetrated throughout space, so countless were His offspring 'We have an earth prepared for you, on which you can dwell and have a chance to come up, thru obeying our Heavenly laws.'

"I there heard the question asked: 'Who will go down and set an example of humility and faithful ness to these my children, that they may be brought, thru obedience to our laws, back into our presence?'

"I thought I saw one in the express image of the Father say, 'Father, I will go down and set a pattern of humility and patience that your children, thru my example, may be brought back again.' How noble, I thought, He looked when He offered Himself so patient before the children of our Father.

"I saw another, who seemed to be a very high military officer who arose and said: 'I will go down to yonder earth and surely I will bring all your children back to you so none of them shall be lost.'

"The plan of the first was accepted as being the only sure plan for an exaltation The plan of the second was rejected with great kindness, but the second was not satisfied; and while the first stood in great humility by the side of the Father, the sec ond with many who stood in with him, went about among the Heavenly hosts to advocate the plan, that was put forth as the rights of the second. This one was Lucifer, a son of the morning, for any had been with the Father for countless ages, and learned their lessons well, and he had been no dull scholar. Finally Lucifer openly rebelled against the Father and the Son and six other mighty ones who stood faithful with them and declared, 'I will have it my way.' I saw the faithful ones gather around the Father and the Son, and Lucifer's workers gathered around him, when one of the notable ones, who was called Michael, arose and said, 'We will decide the contest' It seemed that a platform was extended into space,. upon which we could operate, by what power I could not tell. We who were faithful to the Father and the Son, had a white star upon us, and the others chose a re d star, about one third of the males and females would not accept of either star, but withdrew from the conflict, the females taking the males by the arm, said, 'Come, let us not take part with either side. Let us retire-' (When they were cast out after the manner of spiritual warfare,) they had no power to return. When they were all cleared from the platform and Satan and his followers were all cast down, their female companions wept, and we all wept.

"No females took part against the Father and the Son, but all took sides in their favor, except the. neutral ones already mentioned.  After the tears were dried, from our eyes, the voice of the Great Eternal spoke again and said, 'Hear, O ye my children;' His voice penetrating the immensity of space so that all could hear it; it is decreed by the Great Eternal that the females shall not follow their ma les in their banishment, but for every male that has kept his first estate and fought valiantly for the Father and the Son, there are two females. Again it is decreed that those males who have taken no part in this great conflict shall keep their females and a race of servants shall they be.' I then saw that the notable ones who had taken such an interest in the rights of the Father and the Son were appointed to gather up those lone females whose companions had been cast down They were again placed in classes. each man having two females in the ranks behind him. I there saw that they were again taught in their classes, which now contained about three hundred. I next saw Michael and his companion proceed a long way off, to people the earth where Lucifer and his FOLLOWERS HAD BEEN CAST. As time passed, other notable ones followed as they were appointed. During all this time the classes met frequently, being taught by instructors appointed. Each member knew his or her own-place, and took it each time, and the best of order prevailed. They were asked, first the males, and then the females behind them, 'Will you obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ, when you go to that earth?' Some would answer, yes, but not all. Some could be asked, Will you obey that law which placed the Gods on high? And in very few cases I would hear the females say, 'I want my own mate' Sometimes the question would be asked of a male, 'Will you obey that higher law? and he would answer, 'I wish to enjoy myself with the females' Sometimes when the question would be asked of the females she would reply 'I wish to enjoy myself with the males.' Again the question would be asked of the males, 'If you will not join the Church of Christ, what do you wish to be? He would som etimes say, 'I wish to be a judge, or an officer of high rank among the people ' Then he would be asked, 'Will you sustain the laws of God and also the rights of all mankind?' and the answer in every instance was, 'yes. ' I saw there that those who were proficient in their classes were advanced more rapidly until they became most perfect in those heavenly teachings, but some males, even there in Heaven would neglect their females and their classes and not meet with them. They would go off, arm in arm, as men now go, not having any desire for their duties. I never saw a female leave her place in the class assigned her by the Heavenly powers. I saw Abraham, when he came back from the earth, and many of the notable ones, when they came back to be crowned I saw them step upon the platform of the Gods and receive their crowns, and enter into their exaltations. At last I s aw the time when Joseph was to go forth, and the voice of the Great Eternal said, 'Oh, my neglected daughters, gather around these my faithful servants who have been faithful in teaching you the principles of righteousness and of our kingdom, that others may come up and have the chance to be glorified-' I saw many of them gather around Joseph and form a ring with him and the Savior in the center.  They made a covenant with him that they would meet him on the earth and help him establish that great work upon the earth. I saw many of them gather around Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, and many other notable ones, and around many who have not become so notable. They formed rings around each of them with Christ in the center each time, for He rehearsed to them the Covenant. They would take each other by the hand, in the circle and bow their faces down to Him, in the center, and in the most solemn manner agree to meet them here, until every one of those neglected daughters was provided for; and they were filled with such joy that their songs made a paradise of the realm.  

"At last The time came for me to go to the earth. The Savior came to me and said, 'Mosiah, it is time for you to prepare to go. You have been faithful so long here it is time for you to go, that you may return and be as we are.' As I beheld Him, I thought, 'How is it that I am not as you are now? For it seemed, that I knew nothing of the earth or the changes a probation there would make in me. However, I said, 'Who will go down to that earth, and be my father, and help me that I may be brought in the ways of truth and righteousness?' A male by the name of Levi stepped forth, in the presence of the Son, and said, 'I will go down to yonder earth, a nd by the help of the Great Eternal, I will try to do as well by you as you have done for me, for I am grateful to you for all your kindness to me.' He returned to his place, being an instructor of a class. I was one among others who was appointed to instruct him and the other teachers of classes. A female came out of the class and bowing before the Savior and me, said, 'I will go down and be your mother.' In a short time the man disappeared and was immediately followed by the woman. I knew my departure was near at hand and I asked, 'If on my return I could have the same position I then held.' Then the Savior said, Yes, and greater, but you have to go down to the earth, and take a lowly position and be misunderstood by man, even your brethren and endure many hardships ant set many examples of humility and patience, that you may return and enter the glory, even such a s I have.' He then added, 'Your time is now come to take your mission to the earth,' and He laid His hands on my head, as He had done to others, and set me apart for that important mission. He again said to me, 'I will see you safely thru until you return again.' I fully believe on that promise. It seemed as though a way was opened before me, and I dived down toward the earth with the speed of lightening and awoke while sailing thru space.

The End.

Mosiah Hancock


Anonymous said...

Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

- Johnson

Anonymous said...

This proves itself a false vision. For if you dare to read true church history you will find that Joseph Smith never preached or practiced polygamy, but fought and preached against it his whole life.

He warned the Saints not to fall for it or for the rumors that he was allowing it or living it secretly.

He warned the Saints that it was a vile whoredom and if they fell for it they would be damned.

Joseph warned them not to listen to even Prophets who might come preaching polygamy, that they should stand firmly with the doctrines in the BoM & D&C (the D&C didn't have 132 during Joseph's life, it was added many years later by BY in Utah)

It was Brigham Young who rejected Joseph's warnings and teachings against polygamy, and so BY started it and tried to justify it by saying Joseph taught and lived it, but there is no proof of such, only vile accusations about the Prophet Joseph Smith, all based on hearsay & rumors.

While we have lots of documented and published proof of Joseph's constant warnings and teachings, including scriptures, against polygamy, that Joseph published while he was alive, for all the Saints to live by then and now.

Polygamy was never commanded or authorized by the Lord, but was a vile evil that most of the leaders fell for and many members, and thus they lost their Prophet and the Church went into a great apostasy, where everyone in the Church, except a few would become corrupt and evil, just as the Book of Mormon said it and they would in these last days.

CB said...

I suggest you look more closely at this topic, and I believe you'll see that Joseph Smith did indeed practice polygamy.

Perhaps take a look at the Joseph Smith Papers Project - Journals volume 2. In the introduction the editors (church employees) clearly lay out Joseph Smith's practice of polygamy. This is a church sponsored publication published on a church-owned press.

Or look at Todd Compton's "In Sacred Loneliness: The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith." This is the best volume available that addresses Joseph Smith and the practice of polygamy.

Jeff Walsh said...

We need to be careful about accepting papers or books on face value, I have found that Todd Compton has altered and added to the actual account of at least one of the wives (Lucy Walker)
Compare Lucy's actual words recorded in "Reminicences of Latter-day Saints by Lyman O Littlefield. PP 37-54, with Todd Compton's account.

Another word of caution I am very wary of accepting any publication which comes from Todd Compton's publishers. The proprietor is an avowed opponent of the Church. Jeff

Clair Barrus said...

Jeff, could you detail the differences between Compton's & Littlefield's? I'd be interested in seeing how their different.

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering why no one has thought to pray about whether or not the vision is true. Also, Mosiah probably was shown things in the likeness of things that he would be able to understand.

The Young Family Historian said...

I commented a little while back on this addendum. Interestingly enough, this addendum may be proved to be false....the original vision and the addendum are very different from each other. I still believe visions and dreams are very personal, but this one has always seemed a bit off to me.....

The Young Family Historian said...

As a descendant of Mosiah, I have been working with the LDS Church History Department about this addendum. I have an original manuscript along with BYU, the U of U, and the Church History Department of Mosiah's Original Writings. This so called addendum is FALSE. The original dream or vision is not as detailed as this one, and I have been contacted by other family members who have said that this was an embellished version of the original as well.

Clair Barrus said...

Very interesting. Do you have a transcript of the original? If so, could you post it here?

Do you have a sense of when the embellishment occurred?

The Young Family Historian said...

The embellishment occurred sometime in the late 1960's or 1970's when a polygamous group published it. This is what myself and the church historian spoke about. My great-aunt was one of the original writers of this history. Her daughter has also stated that who ever published it embellished the original.

Melchor Stubbs said...

So do you have a copy of the original manuscript. If so Myself and im sure many others would like to see it.

Anonymous said...

Polygamy was practiced in the early history of the saints, so are you saying that is a lie, the whole church is a lie?