Friday, October 12, 2007

Utahns' Google Searches,5143,695217813,00.html

Utah ranks No. 1 in the nation — and sometimes the world — for using
Google to search the Web for such terms as "Jesus," "family history,"
"Harry Potter," "Mormon," "Lord of the Rings," "NBA," "snowboarding,"
"home storage" and "Mitt Romney."

But other terms where Utah also ranks No. 1 show a seedier side to
local culture.

Utah and/or Salt Lake City also rank tops in the nation in searches
for "pornography," "naked girls," "striptease," "topless," "nude,"
"strip poker," "lingerie," "blonde" and "brunette."

While that may be an eye-opener for residents, it does not surprise
theologians, psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, or even sex
addicts and their counselors. They all see it as part of the age-old
struggle between light and dark that goes on everywhere — but which
Google searches suggest may reach extremes in Utah.

"When you have extreme light, or people trying to do good things, you
often also find the opposite in extreme," says Steve Pumphrey, a
clinical director of LifeSTAR, a company founded in Utah that works
with sex addicts.


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