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The Four Gospels According to Joseph Smith

The Four Gospels According to Joseph Smith
By H. Michael Marquardt

Joseph Smith, the prophet of Mormonism, had a keen interest in
studying the four Gospels in his youth. Soon after the Book of Mormon
was published, Smith commenced his next major project--revising the
Bible. His English revision was based upon the standard text of the
day, the King James Version. Smith considered that he could recover
wording that had been lost in translation. He made a new version that
could be used by the church he organized. The Four Gospels According
to Joseph Smith details the words he added and revised. The text is
made available for those who have an interest in how Joseph Smith
produced his own version of the four gospels.

H. MICHAEL MARQUARDT is an independent historian and a longtime
research consultant of the Latter-day Saints (Mormons). He has been
publishing on Mormonism for more than thirty years. He is the author
of The Rise of Mormonism: 1816-1844 and The Joseph Smith Revelations:
Text and Commentary.


Introduction: Portraits of Jesus
Common Abbreviations
Chronology: Joseph Smith's Bible Revision, 1830-1835

1 Joseph Smith's Bible Revision
2 The Testimony of St. Matthew
3 The Gospel According to St. Mark
4 Luke
5 The Testimony of John
. . .


A. Revelations of Joseph Smith on Gospel texts
B. Joseph Smith on Matthew 13
C. Commentary by Joseph Smith on verses in Gospels
D. Words modernized for revision
E. Selected Index to Joseph Smith's additions to the Gospels

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Index to the Four Gospels (KJV)

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