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First Annual Mormon Book Event

Below is an Eborn Books flier:


Location: The E Center in Salt Lake City, Utah [See address details
[Centennial Room – 4th Floor]

Date: Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Time: 8:15 AM

Cost: $30.00 [Includes access to all 9 lectures]

Lunch: $10.00 [Optional; if your want your lunch provided.
There is a 70-minute lunch break and several restaurants within a
half a block.]

Dinner: $30.00 [Optional; by RSVP and prepayment]

Tickets: Tickets are now available at Eborn Books, on
ebay, Deseret Auctions, Amazon.com and EbornBooks.com. Tickets are
limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tickets
are non-refundable but are transferable.

Event Details: Authors will speak for about 40 minutes with
a question and answer period of 10 minutes at the end. There will be
a 10 minute break between authors with an author speaking every hour.
If for any reason a presenter is unable to attend every effort will
be made to provide a replacement. Tickets get you into the event all
day and authors will be on hand to discuss their projects. Attire is
casual to dress. Come and enjoy the day!


8:15AM Introduction and Welcome — Jason Hansen

Author's time is limited. We would like to proceed exactly on
schedule so we ask that you be in your seats at 8:15. Jason will make
several interesting announcements and briefly review the schedule for
the event.

8:30 – 9:20 AM Dennis B. Horne — "Bruce R. McConkie"

Dennis Horne attended both BYU and Weber State University. He has a
B.S. in Communications and currently works for the Church. His best-
selling biography, Bruce R. McConkie; Highlights From His Life &
Teachings, has been in print now for seven years. His second book is
entitled Called of God by Prophecy: Spiritual Experience, Doctrine,
and Testimony from Church Leaders Reveal How God Chooses His
Servants. He then edited An Apostle's Record: The Journals of Abraham
H. Cannon. His fourth book, a compilation of exceptional statements
from Church leaders and scholars, is titled Determining Doctrine, A
Reference Guide for Evaluating Doctrinal Truth. Chapter One,
about "Church Books" is by itself quite interesting for LDS book

9:30 – 10:20 AM Gerald Jones — "Animals and the Church"

Jones received his B.S., M.A., and Ph.D from BYU. He attended
graduate school at the University of Iowa and the University of
Minnesota. He has published in the Instructor, the Ensign, the
Improvement Era, and in other professional journals and books. He was
an Institute director at Stanford, Yale, UC-Berkeley and the
University of Wyoming. He is the author of Animals and the Gospel and
the expanded Animals and the Church. His book shows that Mormonism is
one of the few religions that teach animals have souls. The book also
documents statements by leaders of the Church regarding our attitude
toward animals, the manner in which they should be treated, and their
status in the kingdom of God.

10:30 – 11:20 AM LeGrand Baker — "The Murder of Joseph Smith"

Baker is the author of Murder of the Mormon Prophet, Political
Prelude to the Death of Joseph Smith and Joseph and Moroni, the Seven
Principles Moroni Taught Joseph Smith. His book on the death of
Joseph Smith shows that Joseph's bid for President of the United
States was more significant than many have supposed; that the charges
of treason against the Prophet were erroneous; the violation of
freedom of the press was not an issue at the time; and that the
murder of Joseph Smith had been planned for a long time. The Deseret
News said the book is "a detailed survey of the months and weeks
leading up to the murders of Joseph and Hyrum" and that the book
is "a scholarly, comprehensive and compelling addition to
understanding the Nauvoo story." Richard L. Anderson said, "Over
sixty full news stories on the death of Joseph Smith in the final
chapter are well worth the price of this volume." Baker graduated
from BYU and then received his Masters and Ph.D from the University
of Wisconsin. He taught American History and retired from BYU after
serving as Curator of the Wells Freedom Archives. He is currently
working on his third book.

11:30 –12:20 PM S. Reed Murdock —

Murdock is a descendant of John Murdock who gave up his son, Joseph,
and daughter, Julia, to Joseph and Emma Smith after their own twins
died. Young Joseph passed away but Julia was raised by Joseph and
Emma. His biography Joseph and Emma's Julia–The Other Twin, sold out
quickly. Murdock also authored John Murdock: His Life and His Legacy
and The Murdock Brothers' Pioneer Trilogy, which is a biography on
each of the three sons of John Murdock. S. Reed Murdock retired from
the Ogden Air Logistics Center where he was a senior civilian
attorney. He is currently researching a biography on W. W. Phelps.

12:20-1:30 PM Lunch — [For those who wish to stay on site and
discuss books lunch will be
provided for $10.00. Tickets must be pre-purchased.]

1:30 – 2:20 PM Michael K. Winder — "Mormons and the White House"

Michael K. Winder holds both Master and Honors Bachelor Degrees from
the University of Utah, where he graduated magna cum laud and was
given the Hans Morrow Award for the most outstanding history student.
He is currently on the Utah Board of State History, the Vice-
President of Winder Farms and the West Valley City Council. He is
author of five books: John R. Winder by Horizon Publishers and Utah
in 2050, Counselors to the Prophets, Presiding Bishops, and Christmas
Animals, by Eborn Books. His upcoming book by Covenant is entitled
Presidents and Prophets: The Story of America's Presidents and the
LDS Church. Brother Winder will share the making of his upcoming
title, where his research led to attending church with Presidents
George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter.

2:30 – 3:20 PM Boyd J. Petersen — "The Life of Hugh Nibley"

Petersen has a PhD in Comparative Literature
from the University of Utah. He teaches in the Honors Program at BYU
and in the English Department at UVSC. He currently serves on the
Religious Studies committee at UVSC and is the coordinator for Mormon
Studies. His book Hugh Nibley: A Consecrated Life received the best
biography award from the Mormon History Association in 2003.

3:30 – 4:20 PM Stephen G. Schwendiman — "The Mendon, New York

One of the truly significant events in early Church history was the
missionary work done in the small town of Mendon , New York. Many
prominent LDS families came from that episode; i.e., the Kimballs and
the Youngs. Schwendiman has compiled a four volume set detailing the
history of the event and family biographies on each person who
converted there. Virtually the entire membership of the Mendon Branch
of the church moved to Kirtland and Missouri after being converted.
Heber C. Kimball had established an early link to Brigham even before
becoming his Counselor in the Utah Territory. Schwendiman is
Assistant Attorney General in the State of Utah and an avid book
collector and researcher. The four-volume work will begin releasing
this year—one volume every six months. They will be about 500 pages
each and will be limited to 500 copies each.
Schwendiman was born and raised in northern Illinois. He obtained a
BA from Brigham Young University in Political Science in 1972. He
graduated from the University of Utah Law School with a JD in 1975.
He served a mission for the Church in the South German Mission during
the years 1968-1970. He is currently president of a private
foundation called the South German Mission Foundation which is
presently translating the Encyclopedia of Mormonism into German for
availability of the German speaking Saints. He has been an Assistant
Attorney General for the State of Utah since graduation from law
school, currently working in Natural Resource law. He has spent many
years researching the Mendon Saints.

4:30 – 6:00 PM Patrick A. Bishop & Shannon Tracy. "Millions Shall
Know Brother Joseph Again,
The Visual Images of Joseph Smith"

Since the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith millions have wondered
which portrait represents him the best. Today there are literally
hundreds of portraits of the Prophet that range to all ends of the
human spectrum. Amidst all of these portraits, they ask? "Which of
all of these portraits are right? or are they all wrong together?"
They believe that they all have a form of Joseph and draw near to him
but they deny his true image.
Shannon and Patrick will deliver a unique examination of the image of
the Prophet Joseph Smith and examine a daguerreotype that may indeed
contain the Prophet's image. They will then present a new painting of
Joseph Smith based on this research. This is a fascinating visual
presentation you won't want to miss, and will be published soon under
the title "Millions Shall Know Brother Joseph Again."

Patrick A. Bishop received his Bachelors of Science degree from
Montana State University in Health and Human Development with an
emphasis in Family and Consumer Science Extension and Education. He
then completed his Masters of Science in Human Development from Utah
State University . He is currently the CES Coordinator for the Casper
Stake in Wyoming, and the Institute Director for the Casper College
Institute of Religion. His most recent contribution to Church Studies
is his recent identification of an original photograph of Oliver
Cowdery (recently featured in BYU Studies).
Shannon M. Tracy served a mission to the Kentucky
Louisville/Tennessee Nashville Mission. He joined the Air Force and
worked in the ICBM Missile Systems. He received a degree from the
College of the Air Force in Electronics. Tracy has authored or co-
authored a few books. His first was In Search Of Joseph, from which
this lecture is based. He is currently working on three new titles---
one about Church artifacts where his contribution will be on the
Nauvoo Temple Bell. Tracy's passion is using technology to improve
research into Church History. He has his own computer consulting
company in Mesa, Arizona.

6:30 PM First Annual Mormon Hall of Fame Dinner [RSVP/ Pre-

This will be the first annual "Mormon Hall of Fame" Dinner.
The "Mormon Hall of Fame" Board will explain the creation and
operation of the "Mormon Hall of Fame" and the "Who's Who of
Mormonism." At this dinner the first 25 members of the Hall of Fame
will be unveiled. Details will be shared about how to become involved
in the voting and nominating process.
The dinner is completely optional but will be a great time to mingle
with other book lovers and the authors themselves. There may be a few
unique books auctioned off during the dinner.

Those who purchase tickets will get a program, tickets, and other
information in the mail.
If you have any questions please call Eborn Books at 801-965-9410 or
email us at ebornbk@doitnow.com .


The E Center is located in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley. Only 10
minutes from Downtown Salt Lake City. The E Center hosts concerts,
cultural events, sporting events and a host of other entertainment

3200 South Decker Lake DriveWest Valley City, UT 84119


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