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FARMS Review Volume 19 Issue 1

FARMS Review Volume 19 Issue 1

1) Editor's Introduction: Reflections on the Reactions to Rough Stone
Rolling and Related Matters, by Daniel C. Peterson

2) Davis Bitton: His Scholarship and Faith, by James B. Allen

3) Valuing Davis Bitton, by John L. Sorenson

4) A New Chronicler in the Old Style, by Brant Gardner
Review of: Voices from the Dust: New Insights into Ancient America

5) The Book of Mormon as Automatic Writing: Beware the Virtus
Dormitiva, by Richard N. Williams
Review of: "Automaticity and the Dictation of the Book of Mormon." In
American Apocrypha

6) Reformed Egyptian, by William J. Hamblin

7) Sacred Writing on Metal Places in the Ancient Mediterranean, by
William J. Hamblin

8) Two Stories—One Faith, by Louis Midgley
Review of: Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling

9) Does God Have a Wife?, by Alyson Skabelund Von Feldt
Review of: Did God Have a Wife? Archaeology and Folk Religion in Ancient Israel

10) The Study of Mormonism: A Growing Interest in Academia, by M.
Gerald Bradford

11) Rethinking Theology: The Shadow of the Apocalyse, by James E. Faulconer

12) New Religious Movements and Orthodoxy: The Challenge to the
Religious Mainstream, by Terryl L. Givens

13) You've Seen One Elohim, You've Seen Them All? A Critique of
Mormonism's Use of Psalm 82, by Michael S. Heiser

14) "Ye Really Are Gods": A Response to Michael Heiser concerning the
LDS Use of Psalm 82 and the Gospel of John, by David Bokovoy
Review of: "You've Seen One Elohim, You've Seen Them All? A Critique
of Mormonism's Apologetic Use of Psalm 82"

15) Israel's Divine Council, Mormonism, and Evangelicalism: Clarifying
the Issues and Directions for Future Study, by Michael S. Heiser

16) Turning Away, by Jacob D. Rawlins
Review of: The Inevitable Apostasy and the Promised Restoration and
Turning from Truth: A New Look at the Great Apostasy

17) Disarray Revisited, by Alison V.P. Coutts
Review of: Early Christians in Disarray: Contemporary LDS Perspectives
on the Christian Apostasy and Where Have All the Prophets Gone?

18) Forward or Drawrof?, by Stephen D. Ricks
Review of: The Sealed Book of Daniel Opened and Translated: The Linear
Bible Code—Reading the Book Backward

19) A Method for Studying the Facsimiles, by John Gee
Review of: A Study Guide to the Facsimiles of the Book of Abraham

20) A Sinking Ship?, by Ralph C. Hancock
Review of: The Decline of the Secular University

21) Book Notes

22) About the Contributors

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