Friday, May 18, 2007

The Church, PR & PBS

It has been surprising to see  the church's positive statements about the "The Mormons.".  I could easily have seen the church declaring the documentary an anti-Mormon diatribe, sprinkled with a few truths to try to trick the faithful and potential investigators.  Certainly many members felt that way.  If I picture Bruce R. McConkie, it is particularly easy ti imagine such a response.

But it was not so (for example, watch the positive comments of General Authority Marlin K. Jensen after "The Mormons" aired here:

Here is an interesting theory by J. Stapely as to why the church spoke so positively of a film stating that the church was involved is mass murder, that Joseph Smith married other men's wives, and that the church was racist (among other things).  How much influence does PR have on the church?

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