Monday, May 07, 2007

Association of Spanish and Portuguese Mormon Studies

This nascent Association is a group of scholars/publishers/consumers with an interest in Spanish and Portuguese Mormon Studies--meaning studies about Mormonism among Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries and individuals (including in the U.S.). This also includes, more generally, Mormon studies written in Spanish and Portuguese.

The association's draft objectives are to:

  • Increase the level of contributions by Spanish and Portuguese speakers to Mormon Studies--in part by providing forums where such works can be easily reviewed, published, or distributed.
  • Encourage traditional Mormon Studies publishers and scholars to examine Mormonism among Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries and individuals.
  • Encourage translations into Spanish and Portuguese of significant Mormon Studies content that is currently available only in English.
  • Create a sense of community among Span./Port. speaking Mormons that transcends geography (where an Argentine has a place to learn from his Mexican sisters and both of them can share their experience with someone in the U.S.).
  • Identify existing Spanish/Portuguese Mormon studies (history, sociology/ anthropology, theology, etc.), and improve the ability to share these with Spanish & Portuguese speakers.

With regard to written works, the emphasis is both on documents written in Spanish or Portuguese and on works written in English that examine the Mormon experience among Span./Port. speakers.

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