Thursday, February 12, 2004

Rumor from 1st Presidency about the Gay Crucade

This is Straight from an individual who was in the
most recent 1st Presidency and Quorum of the 12
Thursday meeting.
Spread the news Far and wide. The Attitude regarding
Gay Marriage is "It doesn't matter what the Church
does, they (the Gays) will win anyway."
In public the First Presidency and the Twelve will
appear supportive of efforts, to strengthen marriage
yet one individual told me, due to their sexual
orientation they went to talk to one of the 12 and was
told not to worry, “it was going to happen no matter
what we (the Church) did, so don't fight it.”
This is a horrendously weak attitude and it probably
accounts for the apathy many are experiencing from
local Church leaders.
This is the message that will go out to all church
The leaders are told to "Put on a good face, but that
is all."
One might ask what about the Christian coalition?
Initially the church was working with many other
Churches. But apparently pastors that depend on
congregations for their paycheck have be warned to
back off by those segments who want a Same Sex
Marriage. So most of them did. Very few other churches
are participating now, just the most extreme Right
wing Fundamentalist Pena costal churches.
Wouldn't it be great if Mormons were taught to think
and fight, instead of obey?
These are people who expect to stand up to severe
persecution in their lives, yet they can't stand up to
opposition over this.
One might wonder why such a defeatist attitude? The
answer is simple the Millennium will soon be upon us.
Christ will return and fix everything.
How irresponsible is this attitude? Answer very.

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