Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Apostle with an ear ring!

This evening while perusing one of Signature Book's Significant (sic)
Diaries Series: Church, State and Politics, The Diaries of John Henry
Smith, I was reminded of some insignificant information which had
serendipitously fallen into my hands by way of Ralph. Ralph, may casually
be know in inner circles as a small rodent or to the more astute rumor
mongers among us as a mole. Ralph, not knowing my stalwart and faithful
background in things Zion, sought, so to speak, to chip away at my
confidence concerning the things that matter most and so shared with me
this morsel meant to shock and desensitize even the most refined and
cultured of the chosen. So it seems that this chap John Henry Smith, later
to become an apostle and sit in the highest circles of church government,
grandson of the brother of the father of the Prophet Joseph Smith and
prominent member of political society of turn of the century Utah had a
dark side. (If you have been so patient with me this far, my faithful
then you should scurry to your most favorite
bookshelf, the one with the glass doors where you keep only the most choice
articles of your collection and pull out your pristine, never read copy of
Teachingsof Presidents of the Church: Brigham Young. copyright 1997,
English approval: 10/95 in wraps. There on page 165 is a photograph of
young John Henry and is newlywed bride Sara Farr Smith as they were in
1866. Look closely at his left ear lobe. There you will be amazed to
discover a dangley , yet chic, earring!!!!!! I wonder how a man of such
obvious antisocial and errant behavior could reach such pinnacles of fame
and fortune. I understand that the powers that be were somewhat
chagrinned to discover that this small reminder of a perhaps youthful
innocence which might possibly be construed as a rebellious or some other
side had somehow slipped passed correlation.

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