Friday, November 09, 2012

Somethings don't change -- a look back at politics, this week in Mormon History

"A bad dose of politics is like the measles": A sampling of politics in LDS history by Clair Barrus, Worlds Without End
"Great Excitement [today] over the Election for a Presidet of the United States." – President Wilford Woodruff

"… a bad dose of politics was like the measles if it set in on a man it turned his hide yellow and made him cross-eyed." — President Heber J. Grant

We've just completed a tense election season. Political parties have been heavily divided and emotions high at the end of a lengthy campaign. But for Latter-day Saints, stakes have been even higher at the prospect of a Mormon president.

I've looked through some items that occurred this week in Mormon history, and found much in common with today's politics.

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