Saturday, February 04, 2012

Comedian does an un-baptism for the dead

Bill Maher Performs Unbaptism of Mitt Romneys Dead Father | Edward Davies

Bill Maher ...  has officially performed what he claims is the world's first posthumous "unbaptism" of Romney's father-in-law, Edward Davies.

Following reports that Davies was an atheist (he died back in 1992) and that despite his non-belief (Romney's brother-in-law Jim denies that his father was an atheist), he was baptized [via the Mormon rite of "Baptism for the Dead"] into the Mormon faith following his death, Maher decided he would attempt to reverse this baptism on his television show.... "If you still insist atheism is a religion, then it's only fair that we get to do all the looney stuff you get to do. And I'm going to start tonight by unbaptizing Mitt Romney's dead father-in-law."

The comedian then held up a picture of Davies, put a wizard hat on and began a mock prayer. He said:

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of math, gravity, evolution and electricity, to honor brother Edward and to send the powers of Seal Team 6-6-6 to rescue him from Planet Kolob so that he can spend eternity with the kind of freethinkers he tried to hang out with on earth…I call upon the Mormon spirits to leave your body the f*ck alone."

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