Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Dreams of Brigham Young

Excerpts of The Dreams of Brigham Young by Clair Barrus,
Dreams were an important component of early Latter Day Saint spirituality. Many Mormons attached a high level of importance to their dreams, seeing them as heavenly communications. Recorded below are the dreams of Brigham Young, second prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Brigham Young had a wide variety of dreams. Some were of those he missed, such as a dream of his family while he was overseas. He anxiously asks his daughter where her mother is -- and on meeting his wive, repeatedly kisses her. Or in another dream, he meets Joseph Smith 2 1/2 years his death and repeatedly kisses his hand, expressing how much he missed him.
One dream pokes fun at one of his rivals, making fun of his ears that grow larger and larger. Sometimes, his dreams may have affected decisions he made, such as the decision to sell the Nauoo Temple, or allowing saints to leave Utah for California.
Some of his dreams were quite gruesome, probably the result of stress, such a dreaming of devils after fainting while having four teeth extracted.  In another bloody dream, he watches a man shoot himself, who then hands the gun to Brigham.
he most common theme in his dreams was of the deceased Joseph Smith.  He tells of conversations, advise and assurance received from Joseph Smith. Like WIlford Woodruff, he attached religious significance to some of these dreams, feeling that Joseph Smith was communicating to him from the spirit world.
His dreams were recorded in his journals, letters, were preached in sermons, or  recorded by others.

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