Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LDS patriarch pens evolution book

"Let the Earth Bring Forth": Evolution and ScriptureExcerpt: LDS patriarch pens evolution book by Duane Jeffery, correspondent, Herald Extra
Howard Stutz ...Mormonism's first formally trained evolutionary geneticist, head of academic departments at two different institutions of higher learning ...Brigham Young University faculty member, Latter-day Saint high councilor, bishop and stake patriarch ...
The book is titled "Let the Earth Bring Forth — Evolution and Scripture" and is available from Kofford Books (Salt Lake City) and the usual LDS book outlets. ...

His book covers many ... evolutionary matters from both animals and plants: comparative anatomy, geographical distribution, embryology and other speciation mechanisms. But none illustrate his title so clearly as his own work with native American plants.

The book is written for a general audience and should be of interest to all students of "evolution and scripture."

∫ Duane Jeffery is an emeritus professor of biology at Brigham Young University.
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