Monday, February 07, 2011

Is the Bible a scientific textbook?

Excerpts of Is the Bible a Scientific Textbook? by David H. Bailey,

For the majority of Judeo-Christian readers of the Bible, modern science poses no fundamental challenge to religion in general or the Bible in particular. Such readers are able to view the Bible as the inspired word of God and yet retain sufficient flexibility to accommodate modern science. At the least, they are willing to accept that the Bible was not intended to be read primarily as a scientific textbook, and that eventually both perspectives will be seen to be part of a unifying truth.
But others in the Judeo-Christian world see significant issues in this arena. For example,
creationist James Truck wrote: "When presented with proof of the validity of Genesis and of the Creation — not by evolutionary processes, but by a God who brought mankind into existence as wholly complete human beings — you must either accept the Bible for what it says or reject it completely. … This is an all or nothing proposition — there is no middle ground to stand on. Either you believe every word, or you might as well throw out the entire Bible!" [Truck2010].

Science in the Bible

To answer the question of whether the Bible can rightly be considered a scientific work, even in part, we need to carefully analyze what the Bible says on scientific matters:
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