Monday, September 13, 2010

Daily Universe pulls letter to the editor regarding Prop 8

Excerpts of Interview with BYU student Cary Crall, September 9, 2010 — Cynthia L.,

On Tuesday, BYU's student newspaper, the Daily Universe, published a letter to the editor from pre-med student Cary Crall about Prop. 8 and the ensuing Perry v. Schwarzenegger trial. Crall noted that many of the arguments that were used during the campaign were never even presented at trial, and those that were presented did not stand up to Judge Walker's scrutiny. Crall's letter concludes that, "The real reason [for supporting Prop. 8] is that a man who most of us believe is a prophet of God told us to support the amendment." His letter has since been removed from the Daily Universe website (the above link is to google cache), with this explanation:

The Daily Universe made an independent decision to remove the student viewpoint titled "Defending Proposition 8" after being alerted by various readers that the content of the editorial was offensive. The publication of this viewpoint was not intended to offend, but after further review we recognized that it contained offensive content.

This is consistent with policy that The Daily Universe has, on rare occasions, exercised in the past.


I'm pleased that Cary Crall has agreed to talk with me about his experiences as a young person living in California and at BYU during Prop. 8, as well as the latest on the situation with his letter. Our interview is below.

CYNTHIA: Welcome.

CARY: Thanks for the interview. I hope it gets my letter greater readership.

CYNTHIA: What has the reaction been to your letter? Has anything surprised you?

[ Read the Interview Here ] ...

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