Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FAIR Conference

FAIR conference
August 5–6, 2010
Sandy UT

More info:

  • David Bokovoy, "Joseph Smith and the Biblical Council of Gods"
  • Jeffrey Bradshaw, "The Apocalypse of Abraham: An Ancient Witness for
  • the Book of Moses"
  • William Duncan, "Religion in the Legal Controversy Over Marriage"
  • Craig Foster, "Like Two Crazy Aunts in the Attic: Latter-day Saints
  • and Popular Polygamy Stereotypes"
  • John Gee, "Marginal Characters in the Book of Abraham Manuscripts"
  • Brian Hales, "Controversies in Joseph Smith's Polygamy: New
  • Evidences and New Observations"
  • Valerie Hudson, "The Two Trees"
  • Gary Lawrence, "How Americans View Mormonism and What We Can Do
  • about It"
  • Steve Mayfield, "Big Love: The Truth, the Whole Truth, and. . .Well, Maybe Not?"
  • Daniel Peterson, "The Obligation to Do Apologetics"
  • William Schryver, "The Meaning and Purpose of the Kirtland Egyptian
  • Papers"
  • Shirley Ricks, "Editing Hugh Nibley: From Manuscript to Book"
  • Stephen Ricks, "Proper Names in the Book of Mormon"
  • Matthew Roper, "Joseph Smith and the Question of Book of Mormon
  • Geography"
  • Royal Skousen, "Restoring the Original Text of the Book of Mormon"
  • Peter Watkins, "A Mormon in the White House"

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