Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mormon Scholars Foundation Seminar: "The Foundations of Mormon Theology"

From Jared T at Juvenile Instructor


The Mormon Scholars Foundation Summer Seminar, hosted by the Neal A. Maxwell Institute, directed by Richard Bushman and taught by Terryl Givens

Symposium Theme: The Foundations of Mormon Theology
Date: July 8

Papers (some topics tentative):
  • Gifts of the Spirit--The Body
  • "Saints and Saviors: Vicarious Obedience in Early Mormon Thought."/AgencyInterracial Marriage, AKA Racial Amalgamation
  • The Family of God or God the Family
  • The Fall and Redemption of Nature, Theodicy of the Earth
  • Blood Lineage and Salvation
  • Eliza R. Snow and Death
  • Adam's Theological Place in Early Mormonism
  • Millennialism and The Vision--Section 76
  • Biblical Language and Joseph Smith's Prophetic Persona
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