Thursday, June 04, 2009

BYU Studies Volume 48, no. 1

BYU Studies  Volume 48, no. 1

Morris Thurston writes about Joseph Smith's most famous legal case: he
was tried as an accessory to the attempted murder of former Missouri
Governor Lilburn W. Boggs. Joseph's trial caused quite a sensation in
Springfield, Illinois, and newspapers far and wide gave the case
headline status.

Another article discusses missionary work in early Victorian England:
the story of explosive baptism rates in parts of England in the 1840s
is well known; what was the story in other parts of England? How did
missionary work proceed there? Author Ron Bartholomew looks at one
county, Buckinghamshire.

Another piece of this issue discusses the hymn writing of early Church
scribe Frederick G. Williams, written by his descendant, Fred

Also in this issue are photos of mission life in exotic Tonga in the
1930s, by Colleen Whitley, and a discussion of Mormon film on the
Internet, by film critic Randy Astle.

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