Friday, August 29, 2008

Ireland's National Library silent on Mormon file 'fiddling' claims

Excerpts from : "Ireland's National Library silent on Mormon file 'fiddling' claims"

The director of Ireland's National Library has refused to comment on reports that the Mormons are using its records to re-baptise dead Catholics in their faith.

This relates to Mormons -- or members of the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints -- trawling through parish records and using the names to posthumously baptise dead Catholics in the Mormon faith as part of a so-called "proxy baptism service".

A spokesperson for the Mormons told the Irish Catholic: "Posthumous baptisms by proxy have been common practice for the Mormons for more than a century allowing the dead to be baptised into the faith so they may be united in the after life", and she added that all available records are used to carry out this practice.

But Mr O hAonghusa, though refusing to be drawn into the controversy, has said that most Irish dioceses now allow unrestricted public access to their records, which have been handed over to the National Library.

The growing concern in the Irish Church has emerged just months after the Vatican warned bishops' conferences around the world about Mormons accessing diocesan and parish registers, according to the Irish Catholic.

A source told the newspaper there is now a fear among senior Irish churchmen that making the records freely available will "encourage Mormons to baptise dead Irish Catholics en masse".

Archbishop Clifford told the Irish Catholic: "In due course, a full statement on the matter will be made."

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