Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mormon Stories Collection

As I understand it, John Dehlin is no longer adding new material to Mormon Stories.  John



The best way to access all of these podcasts is to:

  • Install iTunes (if it is not installed already)
  • Click on this link to bring up the podcast page
  • Click the subscribe button for the Mormon Stories podcast to make it easier to download these episodes into iTunes
  • Click on the Podcast link in the upper left column of iTunes, look for the Mormon Stories podcast, and then click the right-pointing triangle next to the Mormon Stories podcast name to expand the list of episodes available
  • Click "Get" on the episodes you wish to listen to. Wait for them to download. Or you can click "Get All" to get them all at once (will take a LOOOONG time).
  • If you are blessed to have an iPod, plug it in to your computer, and all these episodes will automatically be downloaded to your iPod, and you can listen at your liesure — in the car, exercising, mowing the lawn, etc..

My Interviews for Sunstone Magazine

Mormon Matters Panel Discussions

Foundational Presentations For Me

Select Writings

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