Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sex in FLDS temple

I've been told that at one time young couples could spend the night at the St. George temple while on "The Honeymoon Trail."  Perhaps the current FLDS practice stems from this earlier practice.  If anyone has any info on the Honeymoon Trail and staying overnight in the temple, I'd appreciate it.


Informant: Men had sex with underage girls in FLDS temple
Judge rules sect can challenge massive search

By Brooke Adams: The Salt Lake Tribune

SAN ANGELO, Tex. - Adult FLDS men were having sex with underage brides inside the massive limestone temple at the polygamous sect's Texas ranch, a confidential informant told authorities.
   According to a request for a search warrant unsealed today by a Texas judge, Schliecher County Sheriff David Doran has been working with a confidential informant who has shared information about the ranch over several years. On Saturday, as a sweeping raid was underway at the YFZ Ranch, the informant spoke to Doran and made the allegation about the temple, the court filing said.
   The affidavit was from Texas Ranger Leslie Brooks Long, who reported being at the ranch and observing a bed inside the temple with disturbed linens and a long hair, apparently from a female.
   The document was filed in support of the state's request for a second warrant to search the ranch, owned by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. That warrant was signed Sunday; an earlier warrant had been signed on Thursday, the day the raid began.
   Since then, authorities have removed 419 children, accompanied by 139 women.

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