Monday, March 31, 2008

Last Season: Battlestar Galactica

The final season of Battlestar Galactica is about to air starting April 4th on the SciFi channel.  It is a well done, award winning drama in a science fiction setting.  What makes it more intriguing is that the story is based on the Book of Mormon, in particular, it is the story of Lehi and his family fleeing Jerusalem and sailing for the promised land.

In the series, the twelve planets inhabited by humans (twelve tribes) are attacked and destroyed (as Jerusalem was destroyed at the time of Lehi).  Captain Adamah (Lehi) and his son Lee (Nephi) command a fleet of ships trying to find the promised land called earth, but their journey is often delayed because of  Lamanite-like cylons.   The Sacred Scroll (plates of Brass) tell of a woman leading a tribe to the promised land much earlier (Mulekites or Jaradites) and prophesies of the twelve tribes being reunited with this lost thirteenth tribe.

On their way to try to find the promised land, they return to the planet Kobol (from "Kolob").  Kobol is the birth place of humanity with a city called "Eden."   Humans lived on Kobol with the their gods ("The Lords of Kobol").  A conflict between the gods and "one jealous god" cause a "fall" to occur causing the humans to flee Kobol/Eden.  A return to Eden can only be accomplished by a sacrifice of blood.  Now much later in history, Commander Adamah (Lehi) sends a contingent that retrieves a Liahona-like device from Kobol in a bloody encounter.  The device is used to point the way to the promised land/earth. 

The series has prophets, competing religious ideas, resurrection (of cylons), healing, sealings, miracles, a council of the twelve, etc...

You may want to check it out, but it rather edgy.  It begins April 4th on the SciFi channel.

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