Friday, September 07, 2007

Local Sunstone Communities

New Local Sunstone Community Coming to a City Near You!
By: admin - September 3, 2007

Sunstone Folks,

Based on requests from many of you, we are starting up a few local, city-based Sunstone communities. The idea is:

  • Provide the means for Sunstone-type folks within a specific region to communicate via email, and maybe even get together occasionally (or regularly) in the city where you live.
  • This will involve, at minimum, an email group for folks to communicate. This email list will be confidential, moderated by a local Sunstone person and myself, and will require approval for membership.
  • We don't envision these lists to be used for doctrinal/theological/historical discussions (ie No Spam!!!) — but rather for things like, "Who is interested in a play group?" "Who wants to get together next weekend?" "Let's start a book club!" "Let's organize a super sweet Sunstone symposium this year! Who can we bring to speak?" , etc.
  • Once this gets going, we are looking to potentially provide the content for a monthly "house party" where Sunstone-type folks can get together and listen to, watch, and discuss interesting Mormon-related content (we would supply the content).
  • Each of these local communities will become (if they aren't already) the nucleus for future regional Sunstone Symposiums that we wish to have in said city.

The cities/areas we have set up for starters include: Salt Lake City, Utah Valley, Ogden, Cache Valley, BYU, University of Utah , Los Angeles/Orange County Area, San Diego, San Francisco/Bay Area, Sacramento, Chicago, Washington DC, New York City, Boston, Phoenix, Houston, Seattle, Portland (OR), Las Vegas, Raleigh N.C., Atlanta, Kansas City, Alaska, Montreal and the UK.

If you are interested in joining any of these communities, please do sign up! We would LOVE to have folks vounteer to help run/moderate these lists.

Also, if you would like to have a new Sunstone community set up in your area, please let us know! We're more than happy to oblidge.

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