Thursday, July 05, 2007

Elder Stapley to George Romney

In it's continuing investigation of presidential candidates, the press
has published an interesting letter from Apostle Delbert L. Stapely to
Mitt Romney's father Governor George Romney, probably to try to
demonstrate the church's efforts to influence politicians. The letter
(in pdf format) can be read here:

Governor George Romney was a champion of civil rights and ran for
president 4 years after this letter was written. In the letter, Elder
Stapley expresses his concern of Romney's support of civil rights, and
how it is out of harmony with the church. He suggests Romney read
items from several mentioned church sources and suggests he "give it
some real thought."

He talks about three presidents of this country who promoted "the
Negro cause" and their sobering "demise," presumably because they went
against the teaching of Joseph Smith. Could he be thinking of the
murder of Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and one other president (I
can't think of who this might be) who had promoted civil rights?

He talks of a friend of his who suggested that Elder Stapley ask
President McKay to ask the Lord to see if blacks could be allowed to
have the priesthood. He implied that his friend was drowned for this
and for promoting "all the privileges, social opportunities and
participation enjoyed by the Whites."

He discussed Joseph Smith's idea to purchase slaves from their owners
and send them back to Africa, and how this justifies his approach in
denying blacks "public accommodations." However he says that blacks
should be given every opportunity for education, employment,
protection and blessings of the government, "but not full social
benefits nor inter-marriage privileges with Whites, nor should the
Whites be forced to accept them into restricted White areas."

He considered the civil rights bill "vicious legislation," but was not
for exploiting racial or religious prejudices. He noted that he is
not against blacks, as he has several in his employ, but that the Lord
may punish us for going against his purposes.

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