Friday, June 01, 2007

The Latest Church Ad Campaign

The Latest Mormon Ad Campaign

The Mormons have long been actively advertising themselves on television. Their most recent campaign is kind of interesting. Conspicuously absent from the recent ads is any mention of the Book of Mormon. Instead it's all about Bible. And not just the Bible, the King James Bible.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon running for president. His natural base would be the Christian Right, but it will be something of a tough sell because to evangelicals, the Mormon church is not Christian but some other religion, possibly even a cult. Many in that movement will be reluctant, to say least, to support someone outside of mainstream Protestant Christianity.

This is what makes the ad campaign interesting. By downplaying the Book of Mormon and emphasizing the Bible, the Mormons are playing up common religious ground with the evangelicals. The choice of the King James Version furthers this. While most evangelicals don't care too much which translation of the Bible you use (so long as it's a respected one), there are still some hardliners out there who view the KJV as the one true English Bible, all others being perversions. So the thrust of the ads is seemingly to make the Mormons as a church more palatable to Christian conservatives. And if the church as a whole is more palatable, so will a member of that church running for president.

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