Sunday, April 22, 2007

2007 FAIR Conference


On Thursday August 2 and Friday August 3 we will be holding our annual
FAIR Conference at the South Towne Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah.
Some of our excellent speakers this year include:

* Richard Turley. Richard has recently been involved with new
studies and a book on the Mountain Meadows Massacre. He has
discovered new information on this tragic event.

* Steven L. Olsen. Assistant managing director of the Family and
Church History Department, Steven will be discussing "Are the
Church Archives Closed?" Is there really a top-secret collection
of Church historical documents that casts doubt on the
beginnings of the Church? Can Church history really be studied
or do we just get the whitewashed version?

* Larry Morris. Writer and editor with FARMS, Larry will be
speaking on "The Cowdery Controversies." This will include many
of the questions related to Oliver Cowdery including issues of
Book of Mormon production, his testimony and his witness.

* Brian Hauglid. Brian will be speaking on "Whence the Book of
Abraham? A Case Study for Re-Thinking LDS Apologetics." The Book
of Abraham is often the subject of apologetic questions and
Brian hopes to answer some of those questions for the believer.

* John L. Sorenson. Professor emeritus of anthropology at BYU,
Dr. Sorenson will be talking about the Book of Mormon and "The
Trajectory of Book of Mormon Studies." John is well known for
his trailblazing studies in the Book of Mormon, including the
theoretical mapping of Book of Mormon locations.

* David Bokovoy. With degrees in near-eastern and Judaic studies,
David will be speaking on that great Book of Mormon mystery:
understanding Isaiah. His presentation is titled "Isaiah in the
Book of Mormon: The Things of Joseph and the Things of the Jews."

* Craig Foster and Steven Mayfield will be speaking on the history
of anti-Mormon protestors.

* Terryl Givens. Terryl is the acclaimed author of two classic
apologetic books that every LDS household should own: "By the
Hand of Mormon" and "The Viper on the Hearth: Mormons, Myths, and
the Construction of Heresy." He will be speaking on understanding
outside traditions on the pre-existence.

* Blake Ostler. A returning presenter for FAIR, Blake will be
speaking on spiritual experiences as the basis for belief and

This is just a small sampling. There will be others speaking, as well.
(We wouldn't dream of leaving out Dan Peterson.) We are also planning
a panel discussion on the future of anti-Mormonism. Of course, at this
early date we must include the disclaimer that speakers and talk
titles are not guaranteed and are subject to change.

This year¹s conference is not one to be missed. The regular price to
attend this two-day conference is $59.95, but to encourage people to
sign up early (and to keep our volunteers from having a heart attack
trying to handle last minute sign-ups), you can register for only
$49.95 between now and the end of May. This earlybird registration fee
is a non-refundable donation, allowing you to attend all sessions on
both days for a discounted price. You can find out more information
about signing up here:

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