Thursday, March 15, 2007

Salt Lake Mormon History Association Conference

Mormon History Association
Salt Lake City Conference
May 24-27, 2007
"Crossroads and Confrontations"

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Below is the President's Greeting (Ronald K. Esplin) regarding this conference

Spring is fast approaching.  For members of the Mormon History Association,
that means we are only three months away from another annual conference
filled with stimulating presentations, the opportunity to see old friends
and make new, and the chance to once again explore together the fascinating
landscape of Mormon history.  I invite all members and friends of the asso-
ciation to assemble in Salt Lake City May 24-28 for what may be the largest
and certainly one of the best annual meetings yet.

Under the able direction of Richard Jensen and Pat Scott, our program com-
mittee has shaped scores of proposals into what promises to be a superior
program.  The variety is impressive.  Papers span the time-horizon from the
Joseph Smith era through the nineteenth-century Utah experience; and from
early twentieth-century topics through to exploration of more contemporary
issues.  The geographical spread is equally impressive, with presenters from
and presentations focusing on Latin America, Australia and the Pacific,
Asia, and Europe.  Also a profusion of topics: art, architecture, drama, po-
etry, sociology, philosophy, laweach will receive attention.

Because 2007 marks 150 years since the Utah Expedition or Utah War, there
will be important sessions exploring that experience and its repercussions
and implications.  For several years a committee of scholars has planned for
this anniversary and our MHA program is a beneficiary.  Violence in American
and the West will also come under scrutiny and not only in connection with
the unhappy legacy of the events of 1857.

I am confident that whatever your particular interests, as you look over
this extensive and varied program, you will find things of interest.  Too
much, most likely, since it is difficult to attend more than one concurrent
session at a time!  But there is hope: For the second year, sessions will be
recorded and made available at the conference.  For those inevitable hours
when two must attend sessions conflict, consider picking up the audio of
the ones you miss getting to in person.  That should help reduce anxiety for
those of us who have difficulty deciding between promising sessions in such
a rich program.


"If we have the truth, it cannot be harmed by investigation. If we have not the truth, it ought to be harmed." -J. Reuben Clark, D.

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