Friday, October 06, 2006

pre-Nicean New Testiment

With Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, the Gospel of Thomas, the recent
Gospel of Judas, and other items, the public has been been flooded
with the knowledge that there are a lot of documents about Jesus that
purport to be scriptural that are not in the New Testiment.=20
Apparently the writtings in use by early Christians were paired down
considerably in the late 4th century and an official compilation
emerged (The New Testament). One compilation of these books list the
various items (including New Testament books) in these categories:

I. Pre-Christianity

1. Book of John the Baptizer
2. Revelation of Dositheus (Three Tablets of Seth)
3. Great Declaration of Simon Magus
4. The Sayings of Jesus

II. Matthean Cycle

5. Gospel of Mark
6. Gospel of Matthew
7. Gospel according to the Hebrews
8. Infancy Gospel of Thomas
9. Generations of Jesus (Toledoth Jeschu)

III. Marcions Apostolicon

10. Gospel of Marcion
11. Galatians
12. I Corinthians
13. II Corinthians
14. Romans
15. I Thessalonians
16. II Thessalonians
17. Laodiceans/Ephesians
18. II Laodiceans
19. Colossians
20. Philemon
21. Philippians

IV. To Theophilus

22. Gospel of Luke
23. Acts of All the Apostles
24. Titus
25. II Timothy
26. I Timothy

V. The Testament of John

27. Gospel of John
28. Preaching of John
29. Gaius (III John)
30. Kuria (II John)
31. Concerning the Word of Life (I John)
32. Revelation of John
33. Thunder, Perfect Mind

VI. The Petrine Corpus

34. Gospel of Peter
35. Preaching of Peter
36. I Peter
37. II Peter
38. III Peter (Peter to James)
39. IV Peter (Peter to Philip)
40. Apocalypse of Peter

VII. The Heirs of Jesus

41. Epistle on Works Righteousness
42. Epistle of James
43. Letter of Jesus to Abgarus
44. Hymns of the Just
45. Epistle to the Hebrews
46. Melchizedek
47. Epistle of Jude
48. Gospel of Thomas
49. Gospel of Mary Magdalene

VII. The Pauline Circle

50. Shepherd of Hermas
51. Acts of Paul and Thecla
52. Epistle of Barnabas
53. Revelation of Paul
54. III Corinthians

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