Thursday, October 05, 2006

FLDS spread to South Dakota

Warren Jeffs Is No Saint

Warren Jeffs is believed to be the leader of the nation's largest
polygamist sect with seven compounds in both Canada and the U-S. The
latest to appear on the map is in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Very little is known about Jeffs and his secret society, but tonight we
hear from one woman who made a daring escape from the clan when she was
just 16.She talks about the abuse inside one of Jeff's compounds and why
South Dakota should be worried.

Warren Jeffs is a prophet to his thousands of followers. And at one
time, Flora Jessop was one of them.

"When I heard about the South Dakota compound I wasn't surprised because
they've been spreading out in preparation for taking over the North
American continent."

The FLDS believe the second coming of Christ will cleanse the earth and
its members will be the only ones left for a place in heaven.

But Jessop says Jeffs is no saint.

"We're talking about David Koresh, Jim Jones and 911 all wrapped up into
one nice little package. These guys are very dangerous."

She says Jeffs believes women are a commodity and are required to have
as many children as they can.

"The incest is unbelievable."

In fact, Jessop says she was raped repeatedly by her own father.

"I decided to leave the FLDS because the abuse got so bad that I was
willing to trade heaven for hell," said Jessop.

But escapingisn't easy.

"In order to get out, you have to run and as a female they hunt you
down," said Jessop.

If you're caught Jessop says you're abused even worse.

Now she sneaks around in the night trying to rescue other victims who
are subjected to the same kinds of abuse. Jessop says birth defect rates
are high. Babies are born with deformities and down syndrome.

"One of my sisters had a child with no arms and no legs, not too long
ago," said Jessop.

Jessop says South Dakotans can expect to foot the bill for their health
care issues.

"Taxpayers from your state are going to have to support the large
medical bills that are gong to becoming out of this compound," said Jessop.

Jessop says Jeffs' followers take an oath to die and kill for him and
are taught law enforcement is enemy number one.

"One day they will go to war with law enforcement and the streets will
run red with the blood of our enemy. We were taught that from the time
we could walk," said Jessop.

She says the compounds aren't like homes, they are fortified, built with
thick walls and stocked with food, clothing, and other items to helpthem

"They are very much armed, they have many, many weapons, the possibility
for violence is there," said Jessop.

Jeffs is wanted by the FBI on two counts of sexual assault on a minor
and one count of conspiracy to commit sexual conduct with a minor. He
hasn't been seen in public in almost four years.

Jessop says she has helped almost 400 members escape providing them with
security and a safe place to live. If you'd like to learn more about her
efforts you can log onto her web site.


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