Thursday, July 27, 2006

Maxwell Institute and BYU Studies

It looks like the new Maxwell institute at BYU will now contain BYU Studies.  Here are some exerpts from an announcement:

The Neal A. Maxwell Institute was established earlier this year by the
BYU Board of Trustees. The main purpose of the Maxwell Institute is to
advance the goals of BYU by organizing, producing, and disseminating
the best possible scholarship on ancient scripture and religious
history as well as related subjects of interest to Latter-day Saints
and others.

The Maxwell Institute ... has four departments: The Foundation for Ancient
Research and Mormon Studies (FARMS), ... the Middle Eastern Texts
Initiative (METI), ... the Center for Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts
(CPART), ... and WordCruncher.

Since 1959, another campus entity, BYU Studies, has published a
top-quality quarterly journal. As a well-known voice for the community of
LDS scholars in all disciplines, BYU Studies has published hundreds of
articles that bring LDS perspectives to bear on academic subjects using
scholarly insights to elucidate gospel topics. August 24 will mark the linking
of hands as BYU Studies ... moves toward becoming another
department of the Maxwell Institute.

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