Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Woodruff's Wives

Apparently the correlation committee decided to do the same thing with
this year's Relief Society/Priesthood manual as they did with the
Brigham Young issue. Presidents Woodruff and Young are portrayed as
monogamists. Apparently quotes from them have been altered to give
the impression that they had only one wife.

Todd Compton has put together a web page giving a short synopsis of
each wife,
Check it out and see what you'll be missing in the 3rd hour of the
block. Find out interesting tidbits of information such as:

- what Brigham Young gave Wilford Woodruff for his birthday,
- who got a "whipping" and who nearly did,
- who waited for 4 years to have a child, and
- did Wilford Woodruff really marry Lydia Mary Olive von Finklestein
Mamreov Mountford.


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