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Three New 1830 First Edition Book of Mormons Available

Three New 1830 First Edition Book of Mormons Available 176 Years Later
Wednesday March 29, 7:45 am ET

PALMYRA, N.Y., March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Experience Press, LLC (a
private company not affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints, "the Mormon Church," or the Community of Christ,
the former "RLDS Church") has published three true reprints of the
1830 first edition of the Book of Mormon. Palmyrene merchants
organized an event called the first annual Palmyra Expo 2006 where the
books went on sale today on the 176-year anniversary of when E.B.
Grandin first announced the Book of Mormon was for sale in his
bookstore on Main Street in Palmyra, NY in March of 1830.

Experience Press, LLC created three new editions of this historically
significant book and has plans for a fourth. The most expensive of the
three new books is priced at $350 and limited to 200 copies, although
there are less than 100 copies still available. It is hand-bound with
fine, genuine sheepskin leather using period-style bookbinding
techniques and materials. Non-LDS book collectors were first in line
to purchase them at the Palmyra Expo. A very nice leather-bound copy
is available for $150. Twenty dollars buys you a paperback copy where
the cover is a reproduction of a very attractive original 1830 first
edition Book of Mormon. The new books are available from the company's
website,, and at an ever-increasing
number of booksellers across the country.

The text of these new editions of the Book of Mormon match the
original 1830 first edition page-for-page with one exception. All the
"stop-the-press" typos in the original text have been corrected. The
original 1830 grammar and spellings have been kept. In today's market,
an 1830 first edition Book of Mormon in good condition will likely
fetch about $100,000. According to Woodruff Challis, CEO of Experience
Press, LLC, "The page layout and text of the first edition of the Book
of Mormon make it enjoyable to read. People shouldn't have to be rich
to experience it. That's why we made three versions at this time."

To top this feat, Experience Press, LLC plans to create yet another
edition of the Book of Mormon that will be made entirely by hand using
moveable type printed on handmade paper with a hand-drawn letter

Experience Press, LLC is an organization of highly skilled craftsmen
dedicated to the authentic reproduction of historic books using
period-style equipment and materials. They provide workshops,
lectures, firesides and training in letter-press printing and the book
arts. They also publish historical fiction and poetry and are
currently accepting submissions from published as well as unpublished

Experience Press, LLC has locations in Arizona and Utah. You can find
their contact information on their web site at or call them at (480) 797-4570 or (801)


Jay Linford
Experience Press, LLC
(480) 797-4570

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