Sunday, October 08, 2006

'South Park' creators mustering up a Mormon

'South Park' creators mustering up a Mormon musical

(KP International) =96 Comedic duo Matt Stone and Trey Parker have
corrupted television with the sometimes-controversial cartoon 'South
Park' since 1997. Their humour and vulgarity first reached the big
screen in 1999 with 'Bigger Longer & Uncut,' then again in 2004 with
'Team America: World Police.' Now the lads are planning to take over
Broadway with a new musical... about Mormons.
Parker and Stone are teaming up with Jeff Marx, cocreator of the adult
puppet-musical 'Avenue Q' that has been on Broadway since 2003.
"Trey and Matt were over with me in London recently... and so far
we've written about four songs but we've got loads more ideas," Marx
told Bang Showbiz. "The show is going to have nothing to do with their
show, 'South Park,' or my musical ['Avenue Q']. It'll be something
totally new and it's going to be something totally different."
Taking jabs at religion is not new ground for Parker and Stone as they
have been known to poke fun at Scientology and other organized
religions on 'South Park.'
"It's going to be about Mormons and it's going to be really funny...
we hope," said Marx.

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