Friday, October 06, 2006

Saints Withoug Halos

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Saints without Halos
The Human Side of Mormon History

Leonard J. Arrington and Davis Bitton

Signature Books; Salt Lake City, Utah
(c) 1981 by Signature Books


Part One: From the Beginnings to the Great Basin
Joseph Knight: Friend to the Prophet
Jonathan Hale: Preaching the Restored Gospel
Lyman Wight: Wild Ram of the Moutains
Colonel Thomas L. Kane: A Friend in Need
Jean Baker: Gathering to Zion

Part Two: Settling the West
Edwin Woolley: Bishop of the Thirteenth Ward
Charles L. Walker:Sage of Saint George
Lucy White Flake: Pioneering Utah and Arizona
Edward Bunker: Living the United Order
Lemuel H. Redd: Down the Chute to San Juan
Chauncey West: Nineteenth Century Teenager

Part Three: The Twentieth Century
Goerge F. Richards: A Link in the Chain
Helen Sekaquaptewa: Traditions of the Fathers
Ephraim and Edna Ericksen:
The Philosopher and the Trail Builder
Margrit Feh Lohner: Swiss Immigrant
T. Edgar Lyon: Missionary, Educator, Historian

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