Saturday, October 07, 2006

New from Kofford Books

Mormon Polygamous Families: Life in the Principle

By Jessie L. Embry

Embry draws from both sociology and history to examine the workings of
polygamous households in late nineteenth and early twentieth-century
Mormonism. A straightforward, scholarly approach to an era of
regional history that has too often been relegated to folklore and
myth. An examination of the practice of polygamy is essential to
fully understand Mormonism historically. To gain a complete insight
into the practice, however, one needs to look beyond the revelation
and the laws that were passed against polygamy to the motives,
beliefs, perceptions, and experiences of those who were part of
polygamous families. This is a republication of the book previously
published by the University of Utah Press.

Jessie L. Embry is the Associate Director of the Charles Redd Center
for Western Studies and an Associate Research Professor at Brigham

Young University. Since publishing Mormon Polygamous Families: Life in
the Principle, Embry has published three books on ethnic Mormons, a
book on Mormon wards as community, and two community histories. She is
currently working on a book on LDS Sports and Recreation. She has
published over eighty articles on topics relating to oral history,
Mormon history, and western history. She directs a Western Studies
Minor in the American Studies Program for the Redd Center.

Foreword by Linda King Newell
1 The Practice of Polygamy Worldwide and Among Latter-day Saints
2 The Impact of the Antipolygamy Laws
3 Demographic Characteristics of Mormon Polygamous Families
4 Motivations for Practicing Polygamy
5 Entering Plural Marriage
6 Living Arrangements and Visiting Patterns
7 Daily Life and Family Roles
8 Church Positions and Religious Activity
9 Relationships of Wives and Husbands
10 Relationships between Wives
11 The Children of Plural Families
12 Divorce and Inheritance in Plural Families
13 Participant Evaluation of Polygamy

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