Monday, October 02, 2006


Mormonsploitation!:December 2005, New York City's Pioneer Theater
presents the first ever retrospective of MORMONSPLOITATION! A quick
overview of some of the Mormons' crazy and dangerous ideas, as well as
some of the goofy characters the LDS community has brought forth into
the celluloid world! "Peluca," the precursor to NAPOLEON DYNAMITE,
also directed by Jared Hess and starring Jon Heder, will precede
select screenings. Sweet! See dates and more information on each of 8
films on MORMONSPLOITATION! main Movies include:
Trapped by the Mormons 2005 and 1922 versions, All Dolled Up, Primer
2004, New York Doll 2005, Wagon Master 1950, A Mormon Maid 1917, and
The Mormon Church Explains It All to You with a classic collection of
Mormon movies by fabled film collector Dennis Nyback: Man's Search for
Happiness 1964, Cipher in the Snow 1973, The Mailbox 1977, and How Do
I Love Thee 1965. Mormonsploitation! season tickets: $52 for all eight

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