Monday, October 09, 2006

Mormon Pioneers Honored with National Heritage Park

Mormon Pioneers Honored with National Heritage Park

Jul 26, 2006 by Julie Rose
(KCPW News) Congress has created ten new national heritage areas,
including a stretch along U.S. 89 that will honor Mormon pioneers. The
designation allows the areas to receive millions in grants from the
National Park service to develop tourism around a local theme. Utah
Senator Bob Bennett pushed for the bill:

"We hope it means increased economic opportunities for the communities
along Highway 89, as well as a heightened recognition of the inspiring
stories of the Mormon pioneers."

The measure also creates the Great Basin National Heritage Route in
Juab County. Opponents of the move - including some at the National
Park Service - fear that adding new areas takes money away from
already under-funded parks. The bill now goes to President Bush for

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