Friday, October 06, 2006

Mormon Film

- * The Dance: A new romantic comedy from Michael Flynn, the producer
of The Best Two Years began principal filming April 24, 2006, in SLC
and then onto Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. Flynn is also a
lead actor in the film and brings back KC Clyde and Scott Christopher
from The Best Two Years. They will play leads against newcomer Kari
Hawker,(Jacks Law) from Holladay. Other cast members include Joyce
Cohen, Monique Lanier, Frank Gerrish, Jeff Johnson, and 10-year-old
Stefania Barr. Her role as Ally in the film is already being hailed as
a break-through and guaranteed to melt hearts. Written and directed by
McKay Daines, it is based on an award-winning Carol Lynn Pearson play,
with an LDS flavor and should appeal to all ages. The story follows
the intertwined romantic stories of three couples living in the
Harvard University Cambridge area and takes place all in one evening.
Ron Hill is the director of photography, Ben Lokey is the
choreographer, and original music is - by the band, The Zippers.
Premiers are scheduled for late September 2006 in SLC, Washington, DC,
Boston, and locations in California.

- * Money or Mission: A new movie from John Lyde is based on an
article from the Ensign Magazine with the same name. As Patrick Gill
prepares to serve a mission, he is offered his dream job--a manager at
the local skateboarding shop. Now Patrick is faced with the hard
decision of taking the job or serving a mission. Written and Directed
by John Lyde (Take a Chance); starring Nick Whitaker (Joseph Smith:
Prophet of the Restoration), Sheryl Lee Wilson (Take a Chance), and
Rick Macy (Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration). Filming begins
May 16, 2006. The 35 minute film will be distributed by HaleStorm
Entertainment Fall of 2006. Website coming soon.

- * Journey of Faith: Documentary five years in the making at
locations in Israel, Jordan, Yemen, Oman, and Guatemala. Director
Peter Johnson worked with BYU Professor of ancient scripture, S. Kent
Brown, to record what scholars believe is the probable route followed
between 600 BC and 589 BC by ancient inhabitants of Jerusalem who
traveled to the Americas, as documented in the Book of Mormon. It was
shown during Education Week at BYU August 15-19, 2005. Film will be
marketed on DVD in Utah and elsewhere by Covenant Communications. Film
funded by private donors through BYU Foundation for Ancient Research
and Mormon Studies (FARMS). available on Comcast on Demand on April
10, 2006. It will be on KJZZ TV on Saturday, June 10, 2006.

- * Everything You Want: Feature film directed by Ryan Little (Saints
and Soldiers) had its Utah Premier at the 5th LDS Film Festival at the
Scera Center in Orem, Utah, January 20, 2006. Abbys long-time friend,
the perfect and delectable Sy, has been her strength since childhood.
When Abby meets Quinn, she faces a choice between the perfect Sy and
the flawed but genuine Quinn. (Based on a BYU stage play) No plans for
a theatrical release. Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Disney) has
picked it up for television. Check out the new website Everything You
Want DVD and soundtrack released April 25, 2006.

- * Hands of Heaven: Three-screen multi-media presentation tells the
true story of four friends who find strength through their friendships
with one another. Following the death of a newborn, years of
infertility challenges, divorce, and a near-drowning, these four women
learn the true meaning of bearing one anothers burdens. Still images,
music, and narration tell the message of friendship, service, and
healing. Producer Mary Potter; Director Kathryn Turley; Screenplay by
Linda Metcalf, Kim Peterson, and Kathryn Turley. Starring Lynda
Roskelley, Jen Dyer, Jodie Buehner, Holly Turley; Screenings: The
Palms Theatres in Las Vegas October 15, 2005; Scera Theatre in Orem,
November 5, 2005. As of 2/19/2006, Kathryn Turley reports "Hands of
Heaven" will be showing at BYU Women's Conference May 4, 2006, 5:30
p.m. and 7:00 p.m.; Nashville, TN, with Deseret Book's Time Out for
Women on June 24, 2006. DVD will be released May 1, 2006, at Deseret

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