Thursday, October 05, 2006


May 25-28, 2006: MHA Conference in Caspar, Wyoming
Not to be missed this year at the Mormon History Association
conference: three pre- and post-conference tours, one of which will
visit Independence Rock, Martin's Cove, and Devil's Gate.
Appropriately, many of the research papers to be read at the
conference will focus on such topics as "Police Work on the Mormon
Trail," "Journeying Songs as Markers of the Mormon Pioneer
Experience," "Navajo Women and Women's Ordination," and "The Route of
Johnston's Army," and "The 1855 Merchant Trains," and "The Settlement
of Big Horn Basin."

Other presentations will look at such issues as "The Ritual Rebellion
of the Nauvoo Masonic Lodge," "Was Being a Probate Judge in Pioneer
Utah a Church Calling?" "DNA Provides a Resolution to a Long-standing
Question from the Mountain Meadows Massacre," "The 1948 Secret
Marriage of Louis J. Barlow," an examination of the Mormon doctrine
that "The Waters Are Cursed: The Historical Evolution," and a study of
the "Interaction between the Mormon Hierarchy and Second Echelon Elite
in Nineteenth-Century Utah."

A panel of scholars will discuss Richard Bushman's biography of Joseph
Smith. Participating in this critique will be Martha Sonntag Bradley,
Gary Topping, and Dan Vogel, with a response from Professor Bushman.
Other Signature authors participating in the conference include Judy
Busk on pioneer women, Michael Marquardt on the life of Apostle Lyman
E. Johnson. For more information, see the MHA website.

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