Saturday, October 07, 2006

LDS Film

- * Money or Mission: A new movie from John Lyde is based on an
article from the Ensign Magazine with the same name. As Patrick Gill
prepares to serve a mission, he is offered his dream job--a manager at
the local skateboarding shop. Now Patrick is faced with the hard
decision of taking the job or serving a mission. Written and Directed
by John Lyde (Take a Chance); starring Nick Whitaker (Joseph Smith:
Prophet of the Restoration), Sheryl Lee Wilson (Take a Chance), and
Rick Macy (Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration). Dhylan Meyer
will be playing the role of Max, Patrick's little brother. Filming
begins May 16, 2006. The 35 minute film will be distributed by
HaleStorm Entertainment Fall of 2006. Website coming soon.

- * The Letter Writer: As of 5/10/2006, Christian Vuissas short film
"The Letter Writer" just won 2nd Place at the Spiritual Cinema
Festival-at-Sea. The film also won the Gold Award at the Worldfest in
Houston. The Letter Writer is an official selection at the following
upcoming film festivals: Eugene Film Festival, Eugene, Oregon, May
12-14; Mendocino Film Festival, Mendocino, California, May 18-21;
Damah Film Festival, Culver City, California, May 19-21; DeadCenter
Film Festival, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, June 7-11; and ReelHeart
International Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, June 26-30. Starring
Bernie Diamond; Score by Robert Allen Elliott; Editing by Ludwig
Einklang; Cinematography by Dave Skousen; Production Design by William
C. Rowan, Jr.; Written, Directed, and Produced by Christian Vuissa;
Mirror Films. Synopsis: Sam writes a warm and compassionate letter
with the fervor of a true master craftsman. "The Letter Writer"
captures the beauty of selfless service and love.

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