Saturday, October 07, 2006

LDS Film

* The Return: Romance/drama/comedy directed by Michael Amundsen;
written and produced by Tracy Garner. A returning missionary (Javen
Tanner) anxious to reunite with his long time sweetheart-fiancee (Joey
Jalalian), awakens from a near fatal accident with the new priority of
saving his wayward mother. Cast also includes: Tayva Patch, Raymond
Zeiters, Keri Hatfield and Tracy Garner. Co-produced by Kenneth Garff,
James W. Broughton, and Steven A. Lee; Executive Producers M. Kathryn
Anhder and Ruanne McArthur; Associate Producer Dusty Dukatz; Director
of Photography Kenneth Garff; Art Director Lana Daniels; Musical Score
Rich Ragsdale. Official website: Paradise Road
Productions. World premier was January 21, 2006, at LDS Film Festival
in Orem, Utah, at the Scera Center. Opening February 24, 2006, at
Coral Cliffs Cinema 8 in Hurricane, Utah for 4 weeks. As of 4/30/2006,
Tracy Garner reports: "I am still working on the specifics of
distribution with Excel Entertaiment. They say they want to open in
theaters around August so they won't have to compete against
Hollywood's summer blockbuster line-up.

* Passage to Zarahemla: Previously titled "Summer of the Nephite."
Popular author Chris Heimerdinger has finished the principle
photography for this feature length film in St. George and Leeds,
Utah, as of October 2005. Second unit took place in Costa Rica in
November. Based on his popular book, it is about contemporary people
traveling to Book of Mormon times. The cast includes: BYU graduate
Summer Naomi Wood as SaKerra; 11 year old Brian Kary as Brock; Alex
Petrovich ("Bold and Beautiful") as bad guy Hitch; Bryce Chamberlain
("The RM" "The Book of Mormon Movie") as Grandpa Lee; Bruce Newbold as
Uncle Drew; and Jan Broberg Felt ("Everwood" "Baptists at our BBQ") as
Aunt Corinne. Heimerdinger is directing the movie himself and also
composing some of the music. He will also have a supporting role on
screen. As of 4/30/2006, Chris reports the rough edit is done. John
Lyde (editor of "Mobsters and Mormons," "Outlaw Trail," and
writer/director of "Take a Chance") is doing the final edit on the
film. Special effects from Sandman Studios are being finalized. Sound
editing and music will start soon. It might be in theaters in Jan/Feb
of 1007.

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