Thursday, October 05, 2006

LDS Film

- * Church Ball: comedy about Church basketball leagues where the
battle on the basketball court is of mythic proportions--an underdog
story about the misfit Mud Lake Ward hoops team that enters a
tournament in the hopes of toppling the mighty Crystal Hills Ward.
Directed by Kurt Hale and produced by Dave Hunter from HaleStorm
Entertainment; $1 million budget. Script by John Moyer ("The Singles
Ward", "The R.M."). Cast includes non-LDS Hollywood actors: Fred
Willard ("Bewitched," "Anchorman," TV's "Everybody Loves Raymond"),
Clint Howard ("Cinderella Man," "Apollo 13"), Gary Coleman (TV's
"Diff'rent Strokes," Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jr., son of the basketball
legend, and Andrew Wilson, older brother of Luke and Owen ("Fever
Pitch"). Cameos by Mark Eaton, Hot Rod Hundley, and Utah radio
personality Jimmy Chunga. MPAA Rating: PG for mild language and some
rude humor. Theatrical release March 17, 2006.

- * Singles 2nd Ward: sequel to the hit comedy "The Singles Ward,"
expected to be made largely by the same people, with significant
changes in the cast (as most of the lead players in the first film
were married by the end of the closing credits); April 2006 release.
As of 2/7/2006, HaleStorm spokesman Jed Ivie reports that Christine
Lakin, out of LA, will play the lead role opposite Kirby Heyborne (the
love interest). Basically, Dalin is back from his mission and meets
Christine's character, then he has to meet-the-parents--Mormon style.
If all goes as planned, all the original main cast will have
cameos/roles in "Singles 2nd Ward."

- * Hands of Heaven: Three-screen multi-media presentation tells the
true story of four friends who find strength through their friendships
with one another. Following the death of a newborn, years of
infertility challenges, divorce, and a near-drowning, these four women
learn the true meaning of bearing one anothers burdens. Still images,
music, and narration tell the message of friendship, service, and
healing. Producer Mary Potter; Director Kathryn Turley; Screenplay by
Linda Metcalf, Kim Peterson, and Kathryn Turley. Starring Lynda
Roskelley, Jen Dyer, Jodie Buehner, Holly Turley; Screenings: The
Palms Theatres in Las Vegas October 15, 2005; Scera Theatre in Orem,
November 5, 2005. As of 2/19/2006, Kathryn Turley reports "Hands of
Heaven" will be showing at BYU Women's Conference May 4, 2006, 5:30
p.m. and 7:00 p.m.; Nashville, TN, with Deseret Book's Time Out for
Women on June 24, 2006. DVD will be released May 1, 2006, at Deseret

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