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Journal of Mormon History, vol 31

Journal of Mormon History
(vol. 31, Summer 2005) =09=09


What the Mormon Cultural Landscape Can Teach Us
Dell Upton


"Out of the Mists of Memory" Remembering Joseph Smith in Vermont
Keith A. Erekson

Reconstructing the Y-Chromosome of Joseph Smith Jr.: Genealogical Applicati=
Ugo A. Perego, Natalie M. Myers, and Scott R. Woodward

Popular Mormon Millennialism in Nineteenth-Century Britain
Malcolm R. Thorp

King Follett: the Man Behind the Discourse
Joann Follett Mortensen

The Waldensian Valleys: Seeking "Primitive Christianity," in Italy
Michael W. Homer

"A Continual War, Not of Arguments, but of Bread and Cheese":
Opening the First LDS Mission in Italy, 1849-1867
James A. Toronto


Founding Fort Utah: Provo's Native Inhabitants, Early Explorers, and
First Year of Settlement
by D. Robert Carter,
Ronald O. Barney

Historical Topography: A New Look at Old Sites on Mountain Meadows
by Morris A. Shirts and Frances Anne Smeath
Robert H. Briggs

An Insider's View of Mormon Origins by Grant H. Palmer,
Richard C. Russell

The Sum of Our Past: Revisiting Pioneer Women by Judy Busk,
Laura Compton

Standing on the Promises: (three volumes) by Margaret Blair Young and
Darius Aidan Gray,
Linda Thatcher

Black and Mormon
by Newell G. Bringhurst and Darron T. Smith
Stirling Adams

Eliza Maria Partridge Journal by Scott H. Partridge, editor,
Edward Leo Lyman

Believing History: Latter-day Saint Essays by Richard Lyman Bushman,
Newell G. Bringhurst

Five Hundred Wagons Stood Still: Mormon Battalion Wives, by Shirley N. Mayn=
Todd Compton

Religion in the Modern American West by Ferenc Morton Szasz,
Philip Barlow

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