Friday, October 06, 2006

Fwd: What Da Vinci Didn''t Know: An LDS Perspective

Binding:   Softcover
Book Condition:   New Author Name:   Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel

Title:    WHAT DA VINCI DIDN'T KNOW: An LDS Perspective

Binding:   Softcover
Book Condition:   New
Publisher:   Salt Lake City, UT Deseret Book Company 2006
ISBN Number:   1590386086

Brand New. 
Few books in recent years have enjoyed the popularity of Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code. Set amid the museums and cathedrals of Europe, the book purports to identify the Holy Grail and describes mysterious rituals and secret religious beliefs that have been kept hidden from the world by an ancient conspiracy. The most sensational claim made in the book is that Jesus was married and that his bloodline has been perpetuated in a princely line of unidentified descendents. That premise has captured the imagination of readers of all faiths and caused Latter-day Saints to wonder how much of the book is factual and how much is the product of the author's imagination. In this lively conversation, three Latter-day Saint scholars discuss The Da Vinci Code, examining the plausibility of the "facts" presented by the author and comparing those to the teachings of the scriptures. Whether you have read the book or just been caught up in the world's current fascination with Christ, you'll find these informed opinions both interesting and faith promoting. ; 6" x 9"; 124 pages

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