Thursday, October 05, 2006


The Modal Dialogue Reader

The modal respondent to our Dialogue questionnaire was a home-owning,
married man over fifty years of age with a post-graduate degree and is
already retired, or (if still in the work world) is looking toward
retirement. He is a resident of either Utah or California and is a
life-long member of the LDS Church and a returned missionary, who
attends Sacrament Meeting virtually every week. He regularly reads the
Ensign and many other religion-oriented publications besides Dialogue,
of which he reads half or more of every issue; and he has been a
subscriber for at least 10 years. He finds the editorial tone
and content of Dialogue to be generally objective, and he feels that the jo=
contributes to his spiritual and religious enrichment. He is inclined
to be supportive of LDS programs and policies, though he might
express some dissent privately to leaders before going along; and he
regards the Book of Mormon as a divinely inspired document, even if it
is not literal history.

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