Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fwd: European cardiologists urge smoking ban
European cardiologists urge smoking bans

NICE, France, May 30 (UPI) -- Wednesday is "World No Tobacco Day," and
the European Society of Cardiology is observing the event by urging
governments to ban smoking.

The Nice, France-headquartered, ESC also wants higher taxes on tobacco
products to encourage people to not smoke.

"One of the objectives of the ESC is to decrease the number of smokers
in Europe, which will reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease,"
said ESC President Michal Tendera. "To accomplish this we need the
cooperation of politicians who can implement legislation that protects
those who do not smoke from passive smoking, and that imposes high tax
on cigarettes.

"Smoking bans and (high) tobacco taxes, introduced in several European
countries, have proven to be extremely effective in reducing the
number of smokers," he added.

The number of European smokers has dropped by 6 percent from levels 13
years ago, and 80 percent of Europeans told EU pollsters they would
like comprehensive smoking bans implemented.

"Smoking is the biggest totally avoidable cause of death and
disability known to mankind," said Ian Graham, chairman of the
European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation.
"Any support for the growth, distribution or sale of tobacco is
indefensible on public health grounds."

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