Sunday, October 08, 2006

Antiques Roadshow

If anyone hears when this will be broadcast, please let me know.
PBS Show Tapes in SLC Saturday
(KCPW News) The wildly popular public TV program "Antiques Roadshow"
comes to Salt Lake this weekend. Among the experts appraising gems and
junk for the show will be local rare bookseller Ken Sanders. The
program is known for uncovering priceless antiques, and Sanders is
hoping to catch a glimpse of a valuable piece of Mormon history.

"The rarest Mormon book is not the Book of Mormon, but the Book of
Commandments because it was destroyed by an angry mob in Ohio in
1833," says Sanders. "There's fewer than 30 copies that have ever
surfaced in 170 plus years."

The Antiques Roadshow episode filmed tomorrow at the Salt Palace
Convention Center will air sometime between January and March next
year on PBS during the show's 11th season. About 5,000 Utahns are
expected to bring items to Saturday's event to be appraised.

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